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Escorts, if you are seeking an escort agency to work for, I allow my "How to Become a Successful Escort" clients to advertise to my other list that Escort Agency owners belong to. It's also a private list.

If you are an independent escort or escort service owner, eventually you will be able to advertise to this list of potential clients if you become an Exotic Publishing client of mine.

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Hi there and welcome, my name is Michelle.

A bit about who I am & why people align themselves with Exotic Publishing

To give you some background on myself, I'm an expert in the Escort Industry having owned 2 very successful escort agencies a few years back.

My customers always loved me because I was honest with them, didn't judge them, & I treated them with respect.

So for example, you didn't get a brunette if you were looking for a blonde, and if I didn't think the new girl was right for you, I'd tell you what I thought instead of just selling you on her to make a buck.

While money is important to everyone, making my clients happy was even more important to me.

Keeping my girls comfortable and safe was also top on my list.

What my role in the escort industry is now

While I no longer run an escort service, I'm constantly learning more about the escort industry & now my role is to teach others how to start and run their own escort service, and girls how to become successful escorts, whether they wish to become agency escorts or independent escorts.

I'm also an advocate for the escort industry, as all efforts need to be made to help improve the industry in many ways.

Why I started this escort client list

I also realized that my Exotic Publishing clients want to find the very best clients. They aren't looking for the men who are abusive & degrading towards escorts, rather they seek the men, women & couples who respect the escort industry, respect professional escorts, have no issues with hiring escorts, etc.

That's when I decided to create a FREE list for you the customer who sees escorts from all over the world. Escorts from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, etc.

This way these escorts & escort agencies could reach out to you to see if you are interested in seeing them.

How the list works

Once you join my private discrete list, every once in a while you will be notified whenever an independent escort or escort service wishes to reach out to you.

Your personal information will NEVER be given out to them. Instead, I will just blast out the ads they have given me to this private customer list. Their ad may go out only once or several times, it really depends on what they choose to do.

For this reason, please make sure you sign up with an e-mail address that you log into often & if you aren't interested, just delete the e-mail.

It's really that simple as there is no obligation. You can also unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe list at the bottom of every e-mail.

I don't recommend using Yahoo e-mail, as their e-mail service has had nothing but problems for at least several years now. Even Hotmail has problems, as I get spam e-mails from people I have communicated with in the past.

Spam e-mails from Yahoo & Hotmail mean their accounts have been hacked & they usually they have no idea, so please only sign up with a Gmail account, as I've never had any problems with people who have gmail as their webmail e-mail provider.

So, if you are seeking professional Escort Agencies - Escort Services and/or Professional Independent Escorts, this is the private list for you to be on.

The types of escorts or
escort services that will advertise

Quality Customers - All escort agencies and escorts will be different. What I mean is, they aren't all high class. Some are - some aren't, but one thing for sure is, they have hopefully learned how to be professional & do their job well from my business kits which have been written solely by me - Michelle from Exotic Publishing.

I also allow male escorts to advertise as I'm starting to get more male escorts. They are either straight male escorts for women, or they are bi or gay for me. They may also partner up with a female escort, as that's a very popular fantasy right now.

If any of the escorts or escort services from the ads I posted don't treat you with respect and professionalism, please contact me directly and explain your situation.

All conversations regarding any complaints are kept 100% confidential.

So have a lovely day & please signup below.

Note: For your security, please make sure you check your e-mail for the opt-in e-mail that has the URL you need to click to verify your signp up subscription. If you don't click on it, the signup won't go through.

Thank you



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