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Interested in the PDF or Printed Version?

Are you aware the Platinum Mentorship Package also comes fully printed? If you'd rather have a professionally printed version of our Business in a Box sent discretely to your home, now is your chance!

Our printed version contains all the same information as the PDF version, but no more at-home printing hassles. All documents, forms, manuals arrive ready to be used in your escort agency.

Compare the prices between our PDF/e-book and printed versions and you'll see just what a great deal this is! Especially considering with the printed version, you get the PDF version of the business kit as well!

Platinum Mentorship Package: Electronic Version - $604.00
Platinum Mentorship Package: Printed Version - (Now includes the electronic version for your convenience) - $759.91 + shipping + any applicable taxes.

As you can see, now you can avoid having to print out everything at home (almost 500!! pages) for as little as $156.00 more than the PDF version.

We only ship via FedEx - turn around times on printing is as follows:

Black and whiteShips 5 Business Days from the day after Michelle confirms your order. (weekends & holidays excluded)


Platinum Mentorship Package

Platinum Mentorship Package

Screening Package

Screening Package

You have a choice between the PDF version, or the printed version which includes the PDF version.


Please contact us if you have any questions on the contact page



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Updated 09-Aug-17